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“Family + Friend = Holiday Deadline Met!”


Imagine, December 2019. Rainy, cold and miserable. Everyone was ready for the much-needed reprieve from work and looking forward to celebrating the holidays with their family and friends. As the holiday approached, most of our staff was already off for  Christmas, but that didn’t stop us from helping out one of our Production Partners. They called seeking our help to meet a last-minute change in their customers’ deadline of December 28th.

Paul, one of our Nuformex partners, stepped up to the plate! Enlisting the help of his wife Heather, and Kris, owner of CROM Welding & Fabrication, Team ‘Family’ got to work!

With Heather helping Paul run the CNC Mills to produce the part and with Kris leading the charge for all the welding, we met our Production Partner’s deadline, and it was shipped to their customer right on time.