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“Crisis Averted! Behind The Scenes Front-Line Workers.”


When COVID19 pandemic first entered our lives, no one knew how this would be our new ‘normal.’

With social distancing, businesses shutting down, continuously sanitizing our hands as our lives depended upon it and wearing masks soon became a daily part of our lives.

Very quickly, government officials reached out to companies to produce more masks, testing kits and hand sanitizers, which hit the manufacturing industry like wildfire. Suddenly, people who built businesses producing their own products began to switch over their automation to answering the ‘call of the people.’ One of our Production Partners was the first to step up to the plate, and they enlisted Nuformex to come along for the ride!

Over a span of 8 weeks, our team programmed, machined and produced one-hundred and seventy-four part numbers for our Production Partner, contracted to build a machine that assembled cartridges for COVID testing. Not only did we deliver on-time and on-budget, but we also met the demands of our other Production Partners. Our Nuformex team never wavered in getting the work done on weekends and into the wee hours of the night. Dedication to helping others is our mantra!