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“You Want It When? Challenge Accepted!”


You know the expression ‘It’s a small world’? Well, we experienced this first hand with one of our clients.

One of our clients, an engineer at General Electric (GE), spoke with his twin brother, who worked in Brazil for Syngenta’s global agricultural company.

Now Syngenta was faced with a dilemma! Over the years, they spent millions of dollars working with other advanced manufacturing companies that only resulted in failures that had to be scrapped.

Their challenge was trying to cut and separate the nodes from sugarcane without destroying the plant. However, each time they tried different machines by other manufacturers, the plant would be destroyed. 

Enter Nuformex, the team that machined all the manufacturing parts for Transformix. Our GE client told his Syngenta twin brother, that they should give us all call as we never back down from a challenge. Long story short, we delivered EXACTLY what they needed, much to their surprise. 

We had no previous experience working in the agricultural sector. Do we have years of experience working in the Advanced Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Energy, Life Science, and Transportation sectors? Yes, we do! Did we back down from a new opportunity? Absolutely not!