1150 Gardiners Road, Kingston, ON

“Who Knew A Napkin Would Be So Valuable?”


We received a phone call from a guy telling us about an idea that he had for a casting he wanted to produce. As he began explaining it over the phone, he stopped himself short and said, ‘Why don’t I just swing by and show you what I’ve got.

Within the hour, he was at our office and pretty excited by his idea. We expected to see the typical technical CAD drawing layout rolled-out on the table. Instead, he started fumbling around his coat pockets with a worried look in his eye. Upon finding his lost treasure, he exclaimed, ‘THERE IT IS! I KNEW I had it on me somewhere!

He had designed a part done initially as a casting, hand-sketched on a crumpled paper napkin. He was looking for us to create the piece machined from solid. After chatting for a bit, we determined the best approach required to meet his needs. It was a great experience collaborating with him and to see how enthusiastic he was during the entire process.

He loved the end product so much that what was to be a single piece produced, we ended up providing him with 35 more ‘prototypes.’