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Nuformex – Not Your Average Machine Shop!

Nuformex Inc. emerges from the manufacturing division of Transformix Engineering Inc., offering 20 years of manufacturability expertise in Precision Machining for the Automation Industry.

In December of 2018, Transformix Engineering’s Intellectual Property, including its disruptive, high precision, high-performance advanced manufacturing technology CNCAssembly® (now ATS’s Symphoni™) were acquired by ATS Automation Tooling.

Key to Transformix’s success was the machine shop team led by Clay Crosby, Paul Steele and George Brunner. Upon completion of Transfomix projects, the team re-emerged under its own corporation, Nuformex Inc., offering services and expertise that fill a gap within the automation industry. Precision automation equipment like CNCAssembly® requires exceptional machinists who understand tight tolerances and intricate parts. These skills are intrinsic and transcend all manufacturing industries that demand quality and accuracy in machining.

 “When creating Nuformex, we saw that there was a unique opportunity to collaborate with our Production Partners who were looking for a machine shop that went above and beyond” remarked Paul Steele, Manufacturing Manager and Partner in Nuformex Inc. “We knew with our combined knowledge in manufacturability, on-demand prototyping, quick turn-around, design intent and working with R&D teams and Engineers; we were more than ‘just’ a machine shop. We understood the intricacies of helping businesses grow and getting their products to market quickly.”

To highlight this point, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nuformex was enlisted by a global automation company to tool a machine that assembled cartridges for COVID testing. The Nuformex team programmed, machined and produced one hundred and seventy-four part numbers in 8 weeks, while still maintaining deliverables for their other clients.

“We’re about forming relationships with our clients, and we see ourselves as part of their production team,” said Clay Crosby, Operations Manager and Nuformex Partner, “We are passionate about what we do, and it shows through our team’s dedication in meeting our clients’ requests, no matter the challenge. In every step of the process, from RFQ to parts integration, we ensure continuity in our partners’ supply chains. Whether your delivery requirements are JIT, or you’re looking at a stocking program, we’ve got your back.”

With a history firmly rooted in the development of automation machines under the Transformix banner, Nuformex understands the principles of machine building. They recognize the pressures on North American manufacturing and the innovation & creativity required to be successful.


Nuformex brings 20 years of expertise in manufacturability and machining within the Automation, Energy, Transportation and Consumer Goods sectors. We offer on-demand prototyping, small production runs of 1 to 1000 and inventory stock arrangements to meet our clients’ demands. Whether build to print or build to spec, we have the experience and flexibility to bring your projects in on time and on budget. | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn